We’re located alongside a mountain river with numerous pristine waterfalls most of which are impossible to access without a local guide. You will find yourself in the heart of the jungle with unlikely other visitors at the site. Swim, jump cliffs, sunbathe and have lunch on the river banks or at Rancho DiAndrew’s patio at the end of the trip.  All waterfalls have different difficulty of access level from Relaxed and Moderate to Advanced – choose one that suits your activity style. See more info at WATERFALL TOURS at TOURS section

Moderate Trek Waterfall Tour at Rancho DiAndrew

Moderate Trek Waterfall Tour at Rancho DiAndrew

Relaxed Trek Waterfall Tour at Rancho Diandrew

Relaxed Trek Waterfall tour at Rancho Diandrew

Jungle Day Trek at Rancho Diandrew

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